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Oud Musc Intense Eau de Parfum 100ml Women Private Collection

Narciso rodriguez oud musc is the last fourth creation of the oriental musc editions. 

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Product Details

Product Details



Smell your best with this rich and captivating perfume that features thrilling facets. The oud wood accord is revealed with power, inside a sillage of incense. It highlights the wild and ambery notes of the fragrance. At its top, spices and myrtle magnify the composition with resinous and honeyed facets. The signature heart of musc gives smooth, warm, and deliciously enveloping tones. Discover the Musc Collection, fragrances with intense and captivating sillages. An invitation to a unique olfactive journey revolving around a precious ingredient.


  • Woody.


  • Black Pepper, Myrtle, Oud Wood, and Musc.
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How to use

Spray the fragrance on the pulse points i.e. your neck and wrists, they emanate heat that helps the fragrance project from your skin for a longer-lasting, stronger scent.

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Narciso Rodriguez, a hallmark of elegance in the perfume industry, encapsulates a harmonious blend of timeless grace and modern allure. Born from the innovative vision of its namesake founder, the brand is a sanctuary where the minimalist beauty meets sophisticated luxury in each fragrance created. With a fervent dedication to purity and simplicity, Narciso Rodriguez crafts perfumes that are both a narrative and an experience, weaving tales of romance, mystery, and grace through delicate yet compelling scent notes. The brand empowers individuals to express their unique essence through its exquisite perfume line, blending classic charm with a touch of contemporary boldness. Discover the world of Narciso Rodriguez, where each perfume is a tribute to the beauty, grace, and timeless elegance that transcends eras